BG Bag Breaker Serum - 2oz. Bottle

BG Bag Breaker Serum - 2oz. Bottle

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BG Bag Breaker Serum is NOW AVAILABLE!  This 2oz. bottle of awesomeness helps break in your favorite BG bags in as little as an hour!  

- Dampen your favorite BG bags with water

- Firmly massage a quarter size of BG Bag Breaker Serum into each bag for at least 1 full minute making sure to hit every portion of your bag

- Fill a large bowl or sink with water (any temperature) and insert Serum covered bags into it for 20-90 minutes.  Keep in mind, the longer you soak, the floppier the bags will come out at the end of the process.

- Rinse off each bag with water and tumble dry on low heat for 40 minutes until dry

- Smile with amazement and go crush it on the boards!

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